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April 19, 2010


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Rekindling Your Fire for God

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 19, 2010, 9:56 PM
Rekindling Your Fire for God
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Some people lose their passion for God suddenly, through a crisis or a major life change. Others lose their enthusiasm gradually. They simply spend less and less time on spiritual pursuits. Eventually, their lives hardly differ from those of non-believers. Does this describe you? If so, how can you rekindle your spiritual flame?

1. Remember your desperate need for God.

One of the quickest routes to regaining spiritual fervor is through a tragedy that disrupts life. But you don’t have to wait for adversity to strike. Remember how dependent you are on the Lord physically, spiritually, and materially.

Physically, no human can sustain his or her life for a single second without God. Heart attacks, car accidents, and other trials reveal our frailty. The next time you hear about a tragedy, thank the Lord for sustaining your life.

Take a moment to reflect on the many blessings—both spiritual and material—that God has given you. In all things, we are dependent on our heavenly Father.

● Read Titus 3:1-7. For what sins have you been forgiven?

● What motivated God to save us (vv. 4-7)?
● Describe a time the Father provided physical protection for you or supplied material needs (Luke 12:29-31).

2. Repent of letting sin dampen your devotion to God.

Growing cold spiritually is ultimately a result of sin. Such rebellion can be either blatant, like an act of adultery, or subtle, like a materialistic attitude.

● What sins have crept into your life and damaged your relationship with God?

● What in your life takes precedence over following Christ?

After being rebuked by the prophet Nathan for committing adultery with Bathsheba, King David wrote the prayer of confession found in Psalm 51.

● Read verses 1-9, and then write your own prayer of repentance.

3. Recommit to seeking God daily.

Frequently, a loss of spiritual fervor goes hand in hand with a loss of commitment to a regular, personal time with the Lord.

● How would you describe the current state of your one-on-one meetings with God?

Scripture records that Jesus often withdrew from the crowds to spend time alone in prayer (Matt. 14:23).

● Read Psalm 27:4-8. What did David desire more than anything else?

● Read Psalm 16, especially verse 11. What did the author anticipate finding in the presence of the Lord?

Get in the habit of approaching the Lord for more than simply your list of requests. Devote time to seeking communion with Him for its own sake, rather than what He can do for you.

4. Rely on the Holy Spirit to equip you for living the Christian life.

Sometimes our passion wanes because we try to live for Jesus in our own strength. Following Christ is impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit; attempting to do so can leave us weary and discouraged.

● Are you spiritually worn out? If so, describe your experience.

Jesus relied on the Father not only to guide His ministry, but also to empower Him (John 14:10). In a similar way, believers must learn to let the Holy Spirit work through them.

● What does Paul say is the power behind his labor (Col. 1:28-29)?

● Read John 15:4-5. How much will believers accomplish if they refuse to abide in Christ?

If it isn't clear how to let God work through you, ask Him to reveal what steps to take. Christ-like attitudes and actions should flow from the Holy Spirit within you, not from your willpower (Gal. 5:22-25).

5. Renew your commitment to serving others.

One of the best ways to rekindle your spiritual fire is through service. Galatians 5:13 says, “Do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”

● What does 1 John 3:16-18 say about how we should love others?
● What are your spiritual gifts (Rom. 12:4-8)?
● How have you enjoyed helping others in the past? What new areas of ministry do you want to try?

If you aren’t sure how to get involved, ask the Lord for inspiration and clear direction. Remember, serving others doesn’t have to mean a formal commitment to a ministry or church committee. You can also look for opportunities to bless the people you encounter in your daily activities.

Closing: Do you want your fire for the Lord restored? Put aside the distractions that have stolen your affection. As you seek God through times of fellowship, the flame you once had for Christ should reignite with love for Him.

Prayer: Father, I confess that my passion for You has cooled. I repent of allowing the world and its concerns to distract me from pure zeal for Your kingdom. Stir up the flame within me and renew my joy. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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dezinique Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed good points and facts, i came off a singles retreat on Sunday morning, the theme was, "What about our roots...Let's rekindle the fire". and the sessions was really good especially "Holiness: Back to Basics", and "In pursuit of my beloved"..which talks about "songs of solomon' the love that God has for His church... thanxx 4 the reconfirmation.
levite Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010   Artist
Praise God!
G-man2000 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Loving it!
Sciger Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Unfortunately, yesterday, I wasn't really ready for the journal so I kinda skipped it. Bad me, bad.

But this morning, I wanted to get my devotionals back on track and remembered this being posted out there. Me being an intense fan of Dr. Charles Stanley, I went to read it.

Let's just say reading this rekindled my fire and now I'm ready to live for the Lord again despite my trials and
levite Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010   Artist
God is so, so awesome.
levite Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010   Artist
Praise God!!!
Sciger Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, praise Him with all our hearts and souls. :heart:
Kryptid Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010
Unfortunately, I feel as though I have stepped back somewhat from the spiritual life that I used to have. Especially when it comes to prayer. I do pray every day, and ask for forgiveness of my sins. However, I usually don't say my full list of prayers at night because I feel tired. I need to change that.
levite Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010   Artist
God is so awesome... keep the course!
levite Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010   Artist
We just PRAISE our living God for igniting His fire in you!!!
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