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Prayer Requests

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 30, 2010, 7:23 AM
Need a Prayer? :nod: Send us a Note

Thank you so much for praying for all the prayer requests on this blog!! :hug: It might not feel like it, but you are moving mountains in the lives of others by simply asking God a request in faith - KEEP IT UP!!!  Please remember to SEND US A NOTE with the subject line "PRAYER REQUEST" if you want me to submit your prayer request in this journal.  I will pray for everyone who asks for prayers but only those who send us a note will have their prayers submitted - this is just to make things more simple m'kay :aww:

Oh, and please remember to send us updates on your prayers :heart: This is for the PRAISES journal and it will encourage and bring comfort to all of us.  I hope God moves miraculously in your life and that everyday you know Him more and more.

God bless

Prayer Requests:

These members or supporters need our help with lifting up a trial, worry, or tribulation that they are going through. Please say a word of prayer for the following Deviants:

Updated 27/07/2010

unicorn-skydancer08 said the following:

A man in my church died yesterday. I would like to request prayers for the comfort of his friends and family, and for the repose of his soul. He was a very good man, who lived a good life, right to the very end.

Krad-Eelav said the following:

Hello there,

My childhood best friend's mother really needs your prayers now. She survived from a brain tumor a while back, but the doctors have found a resurgence of cancer elsewhere, and it doesn't look good. The whole family are devout Christians, and they really would appreciate this.

Thank you.

370wii said the following:

Please pray for me, I have been battling with a great sadness lately.
I usually am able to overcome these kind of things, but it's getting harder now.
The reason why I keep feeling sad is because I keep thinking if there's someone out there for me or if there's not.
I usually just say there is and move on with my day, but it's been getting pretty bad (with the sadness and all...)
Thank you so much, God Bless.

lightning2315 said the following:

My friends dog has been sent to go and get put down. He loves that dog so much. Also my mom broke her leg 2 or 3 weeks ago, And she had a polyo disease when she was 2 years old and is handicape. Please help me with these two things. I really need a prayer right now...Im too scared for more things to happen. May god bless

bbqbert said the following:

Hey guys!

I’d like you to pray for a few things.

First and foremost, please pray for Japan—less than 2% of the population is Christian. It’s generally overlooked when it comes to ministry, and that’s a shame.

Next, pray for the organization Let’s Love Japan (www . letslovejapan . org) and their mobile site initiative. They’re using Japanese culture (anime/manga) to share the message of Jesus with Japan. Pray the project goes smoothly and that it plants many seeds within the people there. Also, pray that they find many more volunteers!!

Then, please pray for the success of the artists at #TwelveGates. The artists there are combining their passion for Jesus with their passion for manga in an attempt to share the message with non-Christian manga readers.

Finally, pray for the artists involved in the Everything Awesome 4.8 project (eabook . comuf . com). Pray for good things for those who participated, and pray for those who are yet to participate. Also pray for the project itself, that it shares a good message with viewers, that it encourages and uplifts, and that it earns a big chunk of the money that Blood:Water Mission (www . bloodwatermission . com) needs to finish their race!

Thanks so much for your time, and rock on, peeps!

Charl-Okais said the following:

Brothers and Sister, I come with a request. I don’t know if you ever heard anything about what’s happening on the other side of DA or not. My request has something to do with this. It’s about a furry porn artist called Jessica Elwood. You may never heard of her but she was once very popular among the common furry until it comes the incident. I’ll tell you of what I know.

At first, it begins a few weeks ago when someone had caught Jessica of stealing other’s pictures and claimed to be her own. Soon many other things come after that. They said of that she took the commission money and runaway without finishing the job. Some said she lied of her identity by saying she’s a man not a girl, A Mexican not an American and she also pretend to be others t. One day, her account has been hacked by someone. Many said that she fake the hacking to escape from all the mess. It has been a long time since the hacking yet still no activity from her. There’re rumors that also said she’s finishing her commissions that was left or refund the commission money. Another said that she’s a real woman not a man. The least said that her account does really got hacked by an anti-furry group. Some of her friends are still trying to protect her saying that they do not care of who she is or what she has done. They wish that she comes back to fix all the mess she created. Sadly, some people make a different choice and continue to strike her on her DA page.

Brothers and Sister, I believe that their action is far too much. The justice is done and I believe Jessica herself does regret it. Peoples should have stop by now but they don’t and turn to make fun of her. I don’t believe that their action is the right thing. It’s not how peoples should treat the others like this so I jump in to warn these people but it seems like things didn’t go so easy as they listen to me not. I come to you wishing that you could help at anything. Everything’s still go on at her DA page. If you could get there and help me stop their action, it would be very grateful. However, I do understand that some of you are quite busy so if you can’t help with that, please tell the some other who you think could help or at least a prayer for me and the other to fight.

On a final note, to prevent some mistake of some people getting there too late and the situation is already dealt with, this note is written on Thursday 22, July, 2010, 2 weeks after this, please stop sending this massage to the other. I’m sure that 2 weeks is far more than enough. Please inform this to the other too.
Before you decide to make any move, I like to tell you something. My bible teacher used to tell me that when peoples do fall, what they need most at that time isn’t an advice of how to get up. What they need is someone to stay by their side comfort them, understand them and share their pains. An advice can be waited until the person does come to their sense and strong enough to get up and then we can help them carry on.

This is her DA page. - And if you wish to contact her, try speak to her long time friend. He should be the one knowing how to contact her. He is called MoCaw and this is his DA page. -

Your brother in Jesus Christ


reivax said the following:

A guy named I knew from middle school and high school named Eric passed away recently. I am not sure if he knew the Lord, but I figure his family needs prayer.

starwarsgal12 said the following:

My sister has been straying away from being modest and projecting the "pure" image. All she cares about anymore is being "in" and being popular, leaving some of her close friends behind in the process (including me). So, um...yeah. I'd really appreciate it if you'd pray for her, to help her see it's NOT all about being popular.


mewmewlover247 said the following:

Um, hi  Well, first I'm Ren and I'm 14. My mom just told me yesterday that My Real dad actully BOUGHT a satanic bible  Now I'm, really scared, because my real mom and my grandma have both been ''encountered'' by demons. I'm not lying. Now I'm afraid that it's going to hapen to me. Well, ould you please pray for My dad and me. thank u!

kikomachi said the following:

I have a prayer request and this is about our church and for the members of our church.
In 15 years, we are still renting a place for the church and we still don't have a permanent place that we can call our own. Glory to God 'cause we've transferred to another place just this early week of July and the place is very convenient, and we've also celebrated our 15th year together with the blessing of the place.
Before we've transferred to this new place, we have this mission called "Project Haggai" which just started this early 2010. And the target of this mission is to gather and save money worth 3,000,000 pesos for 3 years. We're going to use this money to build a church and buy church lot.
So our church concern is that our other members would stop from giving their shares for this mission because most of our money just spent for the new place and also for rebuilding it.

So my prayer request is that even though we're battling a financial problem our member won't stop and continue from giving their shares they have committed and so we can successfully finish this mission within 3 years.

Thank you. God bless and stay blessed

immortaldragon27 said the following:

I would like for you to pray for me. I have been going through so much stress and I really need help from God. My family is getting ready to move so that's hard enough but then we have a new puppy who needs to be house trained and no one wants the responsibility of watching him. Then my brothers won't gt along, they keep fighting about stupid things and I feel like my family is falling apart.

Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you for your support

Miron86 said the following:

Update:   Hey guys.  My friend is getting better day by day,but please, keep praying, I don't want his illness to come back, because the last time the doctors' thought he was cured, the cancer came back.
Please,keep praying

Previous:    20/07/2010  Hi. Could you please pray for my friend who's got cancer?He's 31 and he just had his second brain surgery. Now he's having chemotherapy, I can't count how many of these were there, and he's very weak at the moment.
Thank you...

Jesus Christ is our only Lord and Savior...



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